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President's Message
as your BMP's (Best Management Principals) out, i.e. sandbags, silt screens, and plastic. When it comes to erosion control, a few bucks up front can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars later on. You know the old adage; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Also, with all the rain we are to receive, many outdoor activities will need to be rescheduled. It’s time to get creative with indoor activities to keep our community active and healthy. Indoor Pickleball, Wiffle ball, Dodgeball, are a few activities that can be implemented this winter. Adding time for indoor walking to our facility would allow everyone to continue to work towards their healthy goals. Us drylanders will have more of a challenge this year.

It is my pleasure to welcome Tim Barry from Livermore Area Recreation and Park District as the CARPD appointee to the CAPRI Board.  Tim of Directors brings many years of experience and will be a great addition. His predecessor, Sam Goepp, was instrumental in getting us to where we are at today.  Sam was there as a founding member during CAPRI’s formation and we are deeply honored to have his support and guidance all of these years.  

Lastly we are starting preparations for next year’s conference. We have had such a great success at Lake Tahoe that we have decided to go back again. We’re working on the programs for the conference now. If there is a topic you will like to discuss at the conference, please let the CARPD office know so we can try to include it in this year’s or future years conference topics. Pat Cabulagan and staff are working on getting a fantastic keynote speaker, no pressure Pat, so next year’s conference is looking to be the best ever.

I hope everyone has a great fall and holiday season.

Be safe,
Frank Gorman, President

Aloha to all,

I hope all are having a summer of fun and enjoyment.

We at CARPD also hope you had a safe and exciting 4th of July. The drought and dry brush made our 4th exciting when some  of our fireworks started a little fire at our event 
I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. Well it’s time to hang up the summer clothes and pull out your winter ones. The weather gurus are expecting an El Niño winter so that means a few things. When I think of rain, the Engineer in me thinks of drainage and erosion control, it’s time to dust off all those acronyms such as, SWPPP’s (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans), your WQMP’s (Water Quality Management Plans) as well as your